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Unique, clear and unforgettable

Your Brand Identity Starts Here

It all begins with a stunning design that will last a lifetime.

We create distinctive and memorable designs that set the tone for your entire brand. From graphics to color and font, we help you create an identity that perfectly fits your business. We implement the subtle elements of color psychology and typography that lead to action and influence. HL Design Studio works on startup branding, rebranding, and designed branded assets for non-profit organizations and international enterprises.  

Branding Styleguide

Let’s Design Something Wonderful.

Our logo design and branding process in three easy steps.


Industry research allows us to determine how best to make your business stand out in the crowd.


We’ll send you a simple online questionnaire to better understand your needs and desires. This will initiate an online conversation to clarify your business goals.


We bring you our best designs and you gain the brand identity your company deserves.

Ready to Stand Out?

Let’s design some dazzling graphics.

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