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Regardless of the size of your business or the industry in which you are serving, witty graphic designs provided by HLDesign Studio, LLC can put you way ahead of your key competitors. There are literally countless graphic themes provided by us that can be utilized to convey any message you want. Before beginning, we establish a clear line of communication with you so that you can thoroughly let us know about all of your requirements as well as constraints.

We proudly operate from Tacomo and deliver engaging, clean and exclusive ready-to-print files with our affordable Graphic Design Packages. The designs we create, flawlessly matches your unique corporate image. Plus, they are powerful enough to translate your business concepts through appealing advertisement brochures, logos, POP designs and countless other promotional means. The graphic designs produced by our agency are professional and trendy at the same time. Our extensive and incredible portfolio vouches for all the experience and expertise we have in the industry.

Top Graphic Design Services Offered by HLDesign Studio, LLC

Following are some of the top services that we’d love to offer you:



Visually compelling narratives, intuitive notions and complex data with the help of infographics. Studies have revealed that on different social media platforms infographics are preferred or shared three times more as compared to other types of content. We have the expertise of synthesizing opaque information, data figures, and turning them into appealing graphical stories.

Call-to-Action (CTAs)

Do you want more traffic towards your blog or e-commerce site? One of the best ways to do this is by making use of CTAs. It features customized verbiage, placement, iconography, coloring and typography so that you can put those CTAs as centerpieces on your online platform. Our studio mingles up the optimal mixture of colors and copywriting in order to capture maximum leads. CTA designs convert your visitors into paying clients.

Customized Illustrations

Let’s face it that stale text and stock imagery are done for! The era that we live in, what’s needed is top quality visuals designed and illustrated by our crew of experts. You can embed those catchy customized illustrations in any section of your website, all through your social media platforms and email campaigns. You can contact HLDesign Studio, LLC to get newsletter formatting, social images, thumbnails and blog features at very reasonable rates.

Business Cards

Most people neglect the true significance of business cards. You might also proceed with the process of business card designs without considering the potential impact they have. When you present a business card that is neatly and cunningly designed to your potential clientele, it instantly indicates as to how professional you are. The business cards we make can leave a spellbinding impact on your corporate connections.


From start to finish


First, we get to know your business and audience, brainstorming a bunch of crazy, engaging ideas that resonate exactly with your brand’s identity.


Second, begins the design process. Using our technical expertise, we creatively combine your business goals with our creative visual concepts to produce the best graphics.


The final step is not dreadful to us. Our top-notch quality and ready-to-print design will be delivered to you before the deadline knocks our doors.

Ready to get recognized?

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Why work with HLDesign Studio?

My goal is to make your business a class apart by designing a logo that represents your company’s vision and goals. If you have anything specific in mind regarding the type of logo design you want or colors you need, feel free to speak your mind. I love collaborating with my clients.

Whether you need a classic logo, futuristic logo, abstract logo, a text logo or any other type of logo, I can create one for you. It will be scalable, versatile, memorable, professional, and a timeless logo that you can use on your business cards, letterheads, product packaging, advertising banners and more.


Diamond Lotus Coaching

Diamond Lotus Coaching was looking to launch a new business and brand identity. They wanted a look that would help capture their identity for their Executive Business Coaching Services.


Diamond Lotus Coaching

Diamond Lotus Coaching was looking to launch a new business and brand identity. They wanted a look that would help capture their identity for their Executive Business Coaching Services.



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