Digital Marketing Audit

Let’s evaluate your digital footprint.


Understand Your Business Gaps

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Audit Report

When thinking about your digital marketing assets, there’s a lot to consider. Your company might have a website, social media profiles, an email marketing platform, digital advertising campaigns, an e-commerce store, an integrated CRM, a video library, and countless other digital marketing assets.

With a Digital Operations Audit, our team assesses how your different assets work independently and cooperatively with each other to support your lead generation and revenue goals.

What’s Inside Your Report…

A comprehensive report of your digital footprint


Complete Assessment

SEO, Social Media, Website and Digital marketing strategy evaluation and how it correlates with your sales and business goals.



A 1 to 2-hour meeting either locally or via Google Hangout to discuss the details of your complete audit.



You will have a more precise vision as to where you need to focus at for your business in online marketing.


SEO Diagnosis

You will receive a competitive SEO report so you can see firsthand how you can beat your competitors in local search.


Website Review

A review of your website and overall website performance will be conducted along with ways to improve your overall website. 



Your audit is all about your business and is a real-time assessment of your site. You will see what you need to do to keep moving your business forward. 

Are You Ready?

Have you ever thought, “Is my digital marketing even working?” or “Is this the best my SEO can get?” If you answered yes to any of these questions now is the time to identify what is working and what is not working with my comprehensive Digital Marketing Audit.

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